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Dr. Gloria Holden-Scott, for the past 30 + years, has been a proven Life Purpose Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer to individuals, corporations, women organizations, youth groups and not-for-profit organizations.  


She travels, nationally and internationally; inspiring, educating and motivating hundreds to "Discover the Power of Purpose" and to take decisive action to present their purpose to the world.  


Considered to be an expert, in mentoring CEO of Not-for-profit organizations, in 2001 Dr. Gloria Holden-Scott founded a "One-Stop-Shop" Faith/Community-Based Resource Center and became an IRS Central Organization. She, and her associates, are coaching and mentoring over 100 not-for-profit organizations. 


In 1997, she founded DOE Parent & Children Center   and  in 2014, launched a new mentoring program, "Youth Entrepreneur Apprenticeship".


The innovative methods, used in her coaching and mentoring programs, challenge and inspire each individual to increase productivity and go beyond what they could ever think or dream of.  


Dr. Gloria Holden-Scott is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and is a recipient of several awards:  The "Unsung Hero Award, President Barack Obama's "Lifetime Achievement Award" and in September of 2017 was honored to receive the "Humanitarian Award".

She has been recognized by her local councilman and congressman for her selfless work in serving youth and their families in various communities.

Dr. Gloria Holden-Scott is married to Apostle Wilbert Scott, the founder of Rhema Christian Center.  Together they share five children, 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

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