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Recently in Atlanta Georgia, while attending the "Command The Stage" Coaching Seminar with the dynamic Ona Brown (Les Brown's daughter), Less Brown shared some powerful words of wisdon with our very intimate group setting.


Wisdom that I wish I had known many years ago.  He said, "If information was all you needed to succeed, everyone would be successful, happy and skinny; you need mentors and coaches to help prepare you to live your dreams and experience your greatness."


When we observe the lives of successful people they have one thing in common: a mentor and coach.  Most people underestimate the value of a mentor and this is one of the reasons for failures in our lives.


What Gloria Holden-Scott's Coaching and Mentoring Team will do for you:


  • Coach you to discover the "Power of Your Purpose."

  • Empower you on how to use the information you will be given to propel you in your purpose.

  • Convert the power of your purpose into multiple streams of income.

  • Access to Dr. Gloria Holden through one-on-one online, telephone and webinar mentoring.

  • Train you how to use our nine (9) foundational principles to a fast track of receiving funds.

  • Grant-writing Webinars.

  • Where and how to find funders for your programs.

  • Offer valuable insight that comes from experience in my field.

  • Help you avoid costly mistakes and wasting valuable time, because the mentor has already made the mistakes.

  • Tell you the truth because my primary objective is to see you succeed.

  • Encourage you when you are feeling low.

  • Bring out your undeveloped talents and abilities.

  • Help you discover the entrepreneur in you.

  • Identify and eliminate weaknesses.

  • Cause you not to like me for a season, while I stretch you to bring out your strengths.

  • Show you how to start NOW, where you are, with what you have.

  • Bring you into my "Inner Brainstorming Circle".


Bill Gates said, "everyone needs a mentor."





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