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DOE Faith/Community-Based Resource Center has been a Central (Parent) Organization, since 2001.  A Central Organization is an organization that has subordinate organizations, on whose behalf the Central organization has applied for tax-exempt recognition. . Although many are not aware of it, the IRS has recognized this practice for decades. The Roman Catholic Church in the U.S. is a prime example.



  • Expedited tax-exempt status, your organization can become 501c3 tax-exempt within 14 days

  • Do not have to file publication 1023.  Do not have to send the IRS a $450 - $850 user fee.

  • discounted workshops to aid your non-profit, especially in the beginning stages


DOE Resource Center does not handle any of your organization's funds or tax responsibilities. We are here as a Central Organization to facilitate an expedited process and to minimize the amount of time, paperwork and finance, on behalf of the organization we are representing.  


Our Clients:  

DOE Tax-Exempt Resource Center is currently serving over 100, 501C3, non-profit organizations, in the United States.  As a Central Organization, any entity that becomes a part of our group ruling must:

  • qualify under 501c (be a religious or charitable organization)

  • have same accounting period as we do (Jan - Dec)

  • submit a letter requesting to be a part of our group ruling

  • supply a copy of organization's (IRS compliant) articles & bylaws; if not compliant, DOE Resource Center will supply this service

  • have an EIN issued by the IRS


If you are a for-profit company and would like to have an outreach for charitable services, we can service your charitable division as an affiliate of DOE Resource Center; as long as it has a separate EIN from your for-profit company.



  • ​preparation of Articles & Bylaws

  • restatement and ammendment of Articles & Bylaws

  • 501c3 tax-exemption, through affiliation with Daughters of Esther Fellowship Central Organization

  • Completion of Publication 1023, Individual Ruling (client responsible for IRS user fee)

  • Grant-Writing Workshops

  • Foundational Steps For New Non-Profits, Workshop




Fees may vary, based on the extent of services needed; so contact us today, @ (504) 463-1876, or email: to discuss your individual needs.

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